Ananiadou, Anastasia

Making a great change such as mine was a big deal for me.

At first, when the opportunity presented itself, I was hesitant, but eventually taking this chance was the best thing I could ask for.

I am truly thankful to the company for giving me this opportunity and for my experience in Greece which has helped me adjust easier in my new working environment.

Anastasia Ananiadou, Instagram Shop operations Associate, VSFA Gallerian, Sweden.

Apostolelli, Georgia


My name is Georgia Apostolelli and I am HR Officer.

I would like to share with you my journey at AMARLA!

Working for Amarla is an amazing experience with great opportunities.

I started working for Victoria’s Secret in 2013, at the Athens airport store which was my first introduction with Retail.

I began my journey as a Sales Associate, it was such a pleasure working for VS. The best part working for Amarla was that I was already passionate with the brand and the products. From day one I received trainings from the Store Managers that were very useful, I was coached to have a great selling mindset which was the best tool that I could have had to continue in this position.

It was such a big motivation for me working with team spirit, making selling games, trying to reach goals with the rest of the team. All that was so enjoyable and made me going at work every day with so enthusiasm.

After 2 years at this position I received a promotion offer to take over the Store Manager position at the new store that was opening at Golden HALL.

It was such a great opportunity to grow my experiences and face new challenges.

My role as a Store Manager gave me a new knowledge as how to lead teams, coach the associates, train the new members, understand how to work at the back office. It gave me knowledge of the delivery process, learned how to be creative on increasing sales. My knowledge enriched on how a retail store works.

At 2017 a new promotion knocked my door.

Amarla offered me to take over the HR Officer position.

I was excited and pleased that my hard work at the company had recognized.

Today I am working at this role, I gained new knowledge and faced new challenges at HR.

Amarla makes me to want to grow more and more every day.

The contribution of each employee is truly valued here.

AMARLA has been an amazing journey so far with huge opportunities…

Georgia Apostolelli, Recruiter and HR Officer - Headquarters Greece

Athanasiou, Vasiliki

I am going to walk you through my journey in Amarla Retail! Let’s get started…

My name is Vasiliki Athanasiou and I am the Travel Retail Area Manager for the VSBAs in Copenhagen and Helsinki airports.

I have been working in multiple international retail business in both Local Market and Travel Retail channels in Europe and counting over 9 years in managerial positions.

I joined Amarla Retail in April 2014 as a Store Manager in Copenhagen Airport Terminal 3. Within a short time, I took over the two stores in Copenhagen Airport Terminal 3 & 2. In 2016, I returned from maternity leave and I was leading the VSBA CPH T2. With driving and continuously delivering the Brands experience, I had the honour of winning a place on the Top 30 stores International for best execution on Visual Merchandising.

In the end of the year, I changed path and transferred to the Local Market in Fields Mall to help growing the stores sales and profitability. In 2017, I have been offered to take over again the Copenhagen Airport. Delivering en chased performance and profitability I was granted with the award Angels of Excellence Top performed Store International in Travel Retail. It was given me the opportunity on getting the most experienced VS trip I could ever imagine!

In 2018, I was promoted to a senior level position and got the Area Manager role for the TR DOS stores Copenhagen, Helsinki and Austria. I felt valued and appreciated that AMARLA recognized my effort and contribution to the company!

I love working as part of the team in AMARLA because forced me to develop new skills, build strong collaborations while keeping me continuously motivated to do my best each day to accomplish goals. I like challenging myself and AMARLA offering me the keys to deliver with passion the Brands experience under a supportive working environment!


Vasiliki Athanasiou, Area Manager, Copenhagen, Denmark

Daramy, Souna

Working for Amarla is great, as I am surrounded by highly driven and successful people who genuinely care about those they work with.

The Company positive culture is a key factor for me and makes me feel motivated and inspired to keep working.

Souna Daramy, Bra Fitting Specialist, Mall Of Scandinavia - Sweden

Fransson, Madeleine

I started working with Amarla Retail as a Sales Associate at Arlanda Airport.

I am passionate about customer service, and I quickly fell in love with Victoria’s Secrets brand and values.

Amarla and my supervisors quickly saw potential in me, and gave me more responsibilities. Through online and on-site trainings, I became a Visual Merchandising Specialist and also a Senior Sales Associate.

After moving to Hamngatan Store in 2018 and working as VM Specialist/SSA, I have now been promoted to Assistant Store Manager.

I love that I got the opportunity to grow in the company, and that we celebrate all our achievements together as a store, region, and company. It truly matters how we play the game, and if one wins, we all win.

Madeleine Fransson, Customer Experience Manager, Gallerian - Sweden

Habdelian, Edita

Greetings from Athens!

My name is Edita, and I’m excited to share a bit about myself & my journey with AMARLA!

I am always looking to grow, enrich my experience and extend my horizon in the retail world. Since joining AMARLA in the summer of 2015, I have been given the opportunity to work in an international and culturally diverse environment, where I am continuously evolving, professionally and personally.

Working as a Store Manager in Sweden was the first exciting chapter of my journey in AMARLA, and less than a year into my role, I was appointed two stores, two amazing Brands! This challenge truly pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the chance to further develop my sales and leadership skills, while gaining valuable experience in the Travel Retail industry.

In early 2017, AMARLA announced an opportunity for relocation to the exclusive Island of Mykonos, leading our Victoria’s Secret Boutique for the upcoming season – an opportunity I was not going to pass up. It was a pivotal moment in my career path, it motivated and gave me the confidence to pursue the next level within the company, and I’m happy to say AMARLA embraced my aspiration.

Today, I am part of the AMARLA family based in our HQ, appointed Travel Retail Store Operations Manager, working with Travel Retail operators in 7 countries and growing network across EMEA.

I am beyond thankful for all of the incredible opportunities in the course of these 4 years, the positive challenges, supportive and inspirational leaders and teams that I’ve had the honor of working with.

To my AMARLA family, thank you for believing in me, recognizing my efforts and passion, and allowing me to do what I love for a living!,P.


Edita Habdelian, Store Operations Manager - Travel Retail EMEA, Headquarters Greece

Janailhac, Marie

Hi there,

Let me take you through my journey in Amarla!

I have been waking up for work each single day with Joy and Curiosity for almost 2 years now… Amarla is unique in the way they make you always feel welcomed and listened. Adventure becomes my routine because I keep being surprised by our amazing talents as we offer potential growth and constant team development. As long as you believe in it, new processes and methods make everything possible there.

What I love the most being at the head of the Operations of the stores, Sales and Area managers of Local & Travel Retail markets is the multicultural environment. We all come from diverse part of the world and are complimentary to each-others with high sense of Respect and Humility. We might can adapt differently to changes but we all aim for the same GOAL: Building success stories and bringing Profitability to the company!

I am very proud to be part of Amarla’s family and excited about the years to come!

Marie Janailhac, Store Operations Manager Local and Travel Retail markets.

Koutroumpinas, Vangelis

I joined Amarla in 2017 and understood very quickly that I’m here to stay!

Coming from a big consulting firm, working in a challenging, diverse and multinational environment was kind of natural to me. But Amarla is so much more. It is a company that keeps growing and expands its horizons. Amarla gives you the opportunity to work with professionals you can learn from and push you to take on new and challenging opportunities at the same time. A company where the sense of family is obvious around the workplace leading strong teamwork across all levels and departments. Last but not least, all of the above come with a deep knowledge in local market and travel retail in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

For all the above and many more reasons, I am really excited and eagerly looking forward to what the future has in store for me!

Vangelis Koutroumpinas, Brand Project Manager - Headquarters Greece

Nabil, Nagla

I don't consider Amarla as a company but rather as my home where everyone cares about one another as if we were one family.

Nagla Nabil, Store Manager - Denmark

Ntemou, Polina

In 2015 I started to work at Amarla as a Sales Associate. I immediately loved this company because of the support provided to its employees.

Through the years I was given the opportunity to develop myself mainly through constant coaching from my managers.

In 2018, Amarla gave me the opportunity to develop further. I was promoted as a Store Manager at Golden Hall, Athens.

It was such a pleasure and such a satisfaction to find a company recognizing and rewarding hard work.

Amarla invests in its people and give them the opportunity to succeed!


Polina Ntemou, Store Manager at Golden Mall,  Athens - Greece

Sandher, Angelica

Working for Amarla makes me feel like I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that will push me to take on new challenging opportunities.

I am treated with respect and given daily encouragement. What I like the most about having an employment here is the fact that we all have the same vision and we are all dedicated to the mission.

Angelica Sandher, Senior Sales Associate - Vala, Sweden

Thulin Spudic, Paula

I have been with Amarla for almost 5 years.

I am very passionate about the brand and I have learned so much during my years with Amarla.

I love the experience and to be able to grow and develop within this company.

We are very lucky due to the fact that we have been able to work in such an amazing environment. Everyone is super friendly and we all feel like a big family!

Paula Thulin Spudic, Visual Merchandise Supervisor, Gallerian - Sweden

Topaloudi, Despina


Since I joined Amarla in May 2017, as a Store Manager in Thessaloniki, I have been loving AMARLA’s working culture.

Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours shared by a group of people.

Culture is made up of all of the life experiences that each employee brings to the workplace and is particularly influenced by the organization’s founder, executives, and other managers because of their role in decision making and strategic direction.

In a nutshell, AMARLA’s culture is based upon teamwork, inspiring leadership, transparent communication, personal growth and fun!!!

Within several months I was given the opportunity to further develop and challenge myself through a different position as a Travel Retail and Local Market Area Manager, responsible for Zurich and Greek stores.

The wide array of responsibilities and opportunities is the key inspiration for this position. In this combined role I give all my passion and effort to drive together with the sales team our vision and strategy to better understanding the business needs in order to create an optimized environment.

Furthermore one of the greatest motivation within AMARLA is to inspire and support proactively people at all levels in order for them to achieve their short and long term goals.

Living and representing our values:

We’re driven by passion and “how” we do it matters.

In my daily work life and life and sharing it with all people, makes me proud to be a part of AMARLA Company.

Best regards

Despina Topaloudi, Area Manager, Headquarters Greece

Valenzuela, Rosanna

I am proud of working for Amarla, a company that gives emotional experiences that enriches lives.

It is important to have great relationships with the teams in Norway and colleagues from other countries.

Rosanna Valenzuela, Store Manager -  Norway