Marie Janailhac

Store Operations Manager Local and Travel Retail markets

Hi there,

Let me take you through my journey in Amarla!

I have been waking up for work each single day with Joy and Curiosity for almost 2 years now… Amarla is unique in the way they make you always feel welcomed and listened. Adventure becomes my routine because I keep being surprised by our amazing talents as we offer potential growth and constant team development. As long as you believe in it, new processes and methods make everything possible there.

What I love the most being at the head of the Operations of the stores, Sales and Area managers of Local & Travel Retail markets is the multicultural environment. We all come from diverse part of the world and are complimentary to each-others with high sense of Respect and Humility. We might can adapt differently to changes but we all aim for the same GOAL: Building success stories and bringing Profitability to the company!

I am very proud to be part of Amarla’s family and excited about the years to come!