Georgia Apostolelli

Recruiter and HR Officer


My name is Georgia Apostolelli and I am HR Officer.

I would like to share with you my journey at AMARLA!

Working for Amarla is an amazing experience with great opportunities.

I started working for Victoria’s Secret in 2013, at the Athens airport store which was my first introduction with Retail.

I began my journey as a Sales Associate, it was such a pleasure working for VS. The best part working for Amarla was that I was already passionate with the brand and the products. From day one I received trainings from the Store Managers that were very useful, I was coached to have a great selling mindset which was the best tool that I could have had to continue in this position.

It was such a big motivation for me working with team spirit, making selling games, trying to reach goals with the rest of the team. All that was so enjoyable and made me going at work every day with so enthusiasm.

After 2 years at this position I received a promotion offer to take over the Store Manager position at the new store that was opening at Golden HALL.

It was such a great opportunity to grow my experiences and face new challenges.

My role as a Store Manager gave me a new knowledges as how to lead teams, coach the associates, train the new members, understand how to work at the back office. It gave me knowledge of the delivery process, learned how to be creative on increasing sales. My knowledge enriched on how a retail store works.

At 2017 a new promotion knocked my door.

Amarla offered me to take over the HR Officer position.

I was excited and pleased that my hard work at the company had recognized.

Today I am working at this role, I gained new knowledge and faced new challenges at HR.

Amarla makes me to want to grow more and more every day.

The contribution of each employee is truly valued here.

AMARLA has been an amazing journey so far with huge opportunities…

Georgia Apostolelli

HR Officer