Through the Race for the Cure® we are part of a global initiative to support women who have dealt breast cancer. Information, awareness and support for women who are under treatment, for women –survivors and for the general population are non-negotiable objectives of the Greece Race for the Cure® and the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”.

The goal is to provide information to every woman in Greece about early detection methods and about the right steps that have to be taken – depending on the age – in order to be safe, according to international medical guidelines.

We run in order to inform every woman in Greece about breast cancer. We run so that everyone shall hear our voice about the importance of breast cancer prevention and early diagnosis. We run to demystify breast cancer. We run to defeat fear and prejudice. We run to improve the quality of life and the rights of women with breast cancer. We run to support women with breast cancer and their families. We run to save lives. We run to honour the women who are no longer close to us.

Amarla Team - Parliament
Amarla team
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