Amarla Internship FAQ

  • What will the timing or the potential start date, of my internship be? Internships are usually …. weeks long. Start and end times can vary by role/project.
  • What does a complete application look like? A complete application includes a resume, a cover letter, undergraduate /graduate scripts
  • What is the overall interview process? The process begins with an initial resume screen and depends on available roles and locations you apply to. If roles align with your specialized skills the recruitment team will reach out to you directly. This can take up to 60+ days. Process time can take 4-8 weeks from initial resume screen review to approved application for hiring
  • Can I take classes toward my degree while participating in my internship? You may take classes. Ask your point of contact
  • Are internships paid? Yes you could be eligible for a paid internship for undergraduates/graduates according to the countries rules and Amarla internal policies/rules. The recruitment team will discuss with you during the interviewing process